Internet Marketing Strategy

We will help you establish your  first business place on the internet, not just via domain registration, hosting plans, logo creation and branding, but we will create the ‘Digital You’, or reinvent your under-performing website to be your number one lead generator – We are creative, collaborative, fun. On an average Google search equations sends out around 500 -to- 600 updates a calendar year (mostly unannounced), they are always reworking on their search algorithm and at tiSocial Mediames making changes to it in an extraordinary manner. Those websites not paying heed to these changes overnight failed to achieve a top spot in the browser search returns on multiple search engines (Google / Yahoo / Bing / MSN) & the sites experienced a dramatic drops in their traffic.

With new search algorithms come new rules, tools and strategies, just keyword stuffing and paid back-links will no longer provide the wings your site needs to rise to be an alpha in it’s field. With our SEO plans we offer a free web site visibility audit and social reviews as a starting point for any new engagement.

So call us +91 9426911042 – ask us for a free evaluation and find out : Where does your website stack up?

Small business online marketing

Once you have your website online, it is important to have an online marketing strategy to take your Google / search rankings, brand awareness, reputation and client interaction to the next level. Your website is a great marketing tool, how one uses it is up to the individual! One thing’s for sure, we want to see you succeed and we’ll be here to help.

Sometimes one just needs a helping hand to get started. Our online marketing plans are aimed to provide small business owners with comprehensive 12-month business based & tailor made strategies to tackle Internet marketing for their particular target customers.

The Stand-Out Local Business Marketing Services

We focus on what is important to you and your customers, and we treat you with the same kind of personalized service you strive for in your business. That is why we offer a wide variety of effective marketing tools. From broadcasting creative promotions to countless potential customers through social media to pay per click ads that bring your previous visitors back to your website, we deliver a breadth of proven options that other marketing services might not be able to match. No two businesses are the same even though they might be in the same category,  we will customize a marketing plan with your experience upon your business in mind. We customize our services to provide everything from occasional help to large or national businesses, to long-term local small business marketing.

Regardless of your existing web presence, your business model, or your industry, we have what you need to bring in new customers and increase your revenue or even bring in that little glitter and bling you might want.